Layla Ceramic Effect Number 53


Layla nail polish is a brand from Milan, Italy. You can find it in the US at retailers like Ulta and Zappos. I fell in love with Number 53 because it is a red jelly with flakies! The flakies are kind of a golden orange shade, but they don’t have a ton of color shifting to them. I don’t care because this polish is seriously gorgeous.

Since it is a little sheer, I layered it over OPI Vodka and Caviar. I actually painted my nails like this to go and see Wizard of Oz in 3-D last month, so this is an older manicure! I do have a couple other bottles from the Layla line and really like them! I did find that this took awhile to dry, so be careful in that regard.

I definitely recommend this color because it is so beautiful and looks so amazing in the sun!