My name is Melissa, and I’m a lifelong nail biter. Well, I was. I’m trying to become a recovering biter and stop my bad habit, hence this space!

My nail biting story:

I had been biting my nails for about 26 years. I’m 33, and I can remember biting my nails as young as five. I tried everything to quit, including some nasty tasting stuff to put on fingernails that supposedly helps to stop biting. Nope, not me; I chewed right through the stuff with no problem. Nail polish? Yeah, that didn’t work either.

What changed:

Thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired to stop biting after admiring the many gorgeous nail designs and colors showcased by the people I follow. I started a “Nail Inspiration” board to help me stop quitting, and with sheer willpower combined with stalking many nail blogs, I somehow have been keeping the biting at bay, but believe me, I WANT TO BITE! The worst is when one of my nails breaks and it’s just there dangling and jagged, waiting for me to devour it.

Colors I love:

I love almost any color, but especially like to wear cool tones and green shades. The only color I am extremely fussy about is purple. Grape purple? Yuck. Plum, lavender, periwinkle- I enjoy those types of shades, just no royal purple, grape purple, or dark purple.

What inspired this blog:

My mother was very impressed that I finally stopped nail biting and wanted me to show off my progress to my grandma. At the time, I was wearing Sea Spray by China Glaze. When I held out my hand to show off my no-longer-nubs of nails, my grandmother, being the feisty woman that she is, declared:


And the kicker:

“But not as bad as what your mother is wearing.”

I adore my grandmother and when she made this declaration, I thought about it later, thinking it would be a good name for a nail blog, just for fun.

So here I am now, publicly declaring my nail biting addiction and holding myself accountable through writing about it! 🙂


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I was looking for swatches of Butter London Dosh and found your blog. 30 Minutes later I’m still on it. I have now officially put your blog in my folder labelled “Nail Polish Obsession.” (I love your grandmother’s honesty!)

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