Sally Hansen Tupelo Honey


This color from Sally Hansen really caught my eye! Tupelo Honey is a new polish from the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure line. These aren’t my favorite polishes usually, but every once in awhile they have shades that catch my eye. Also, can I just say that I can’t stand how these bottles are shaped?

Anyway, Tupelo Honey has a great formula. This could be a one-coater with a thicker coat, but I used two thin coats.

The color reminds me of the limited edition Butter London nudes that were out some time ago. It’s a rich, deep honey color.

This color really reminds me of fall! 🙂


Sally Hansen Vitamin D-Light


Sally Hansen came out with a collection of jelly-type polishes earlier this year. They are REALLY sheer, so it is impossible to get opaque coverage, but I think they may have been designed in the OPI Sheer Tints vision in that they are supposed to be used as layers with other polishes.

Vitamin D-Light is a watermelon red shade. I don’t mind it alone; it gives the nails some interest without being too much, so it might be a good office color for those who need subdued nails.

I’m not completely sure if these are still in stores, but you can probably find them on eBay. I’ve heard some people say this is a dupe for Dior Nail Glow, but that is NOT the case in my opinion, not even close!

I do like the Sally Hansen Triple Shine formula. It is probably my favorite next to the quick dry polishes.

Sally Hansen Electric Summer: Peach Babe, my FAVORITE!


Say hello to my FAVORITE of the Sally Hansen Electric Summer bunch: PEACH BABE! Oh my, I am OBSESSED with this color! It is coming across pretty pink here, but on the bottom right corner you can see the peach tones a little more. I love love love this shade so much! It’s just gorgeous!

The formula is great too- with one thick coat you are good to go, though I prefer two thin coats as I’ve said many times.

There is just something about Peach Babe that is mesmerizing to me. It is so much better in person. It is such a great combination of peach and pink that you see in makeup all the time. 🙂 Definitely pink this one up!!

Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection: Kelp Yourself


Kelp Yourself…another great nail polish name. Why isn’t my job NAMING nail polish?? Someone please hire me for that! 😀

This is a fantastic mint green, as you can see. Talk about a color that I DO NOT NEED, but oh the pretties, they did call out to me. The formula is similar to others in the line. Although this isn’t a jelly, it has a little touch of that “squishiness” look to it on the nail; a watery touch.

If you’re looking for a mint polish under $5, give this one a try! It is lighter and less green than Mint Sorbet from the permanent collection. 🙂

Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection: Water Orchid


Round two for the Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection is Water Orchid! Isn’t the name of this one pretty? It really suits the color too. I’m not one for purple, but I LOVE lavender! This is a bright color, but still soft.

The formula on this is similar to Floaties, but a little more opaque, so you can probably get away with one coat if you’re the impatient type. 🙂

One thing I noticed about these polishes is that they move really quickly, so be careful to avoid way too much polish flowing down the brush, or you might flood your cuticles!

What do you think of Water Orchid? I may have to compare this to one of my favorite lavender shades: China Glaze Sweet Hook!


Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection: Floaties


Sally Hansen has a limited edition collection out right now that I fell for, and I fell HARD. I bought almost all of them (maybe that will change?)! I’m not even a die-hard fan of this line usually, but I just couldn’t get enough of these when I saw the display. The Electric Summer collection is bright, but soft at the same time. Plus, the names are TOO cute!

Floaties is definitely one of the best names in the collection, and the color is BEAUTIFUL. I mean, look at that PEACH! I love the color peach and like how this has that “faded neon” look.

The formula is really good. You can ALMOST get away with one coat, but I used two here. I found mine at Meijer, but I have also seen this collection at Walgreens.

Why are limited edition shades always better than the core lines? Just personal preference in this case, I suppose. 😉

Have you spotted this collection yet? What are your picks?

Sally Hansen Coastin’ By


Expect a lot of Sally Hansen in the upcoming weeks…I’ve been having a serious love affair with the limited edition summer collection shades. I think summer is my worst time for nail polish. I love bright colors, much more than darker shades, so spring and summer kill me! 😀 Coastin’ By is an Insta-Dri forumla polish, and it has a matte finish.

This shade is so pretty- it’s a minty blue color that is heavily white-based. It does apply streaky, but it’s not too hard to even out. This chips relatively easily since it’s a matte polish, but I usually change my polish daily. 🙂 I’m really happy with this color!