Trust Fund Beauty Denim With Diamonds


Denim With Diamonds is a little trial sized polish I received in my Trust Fund Beauty order. I wasn’t expecting to like this shade so much! It’s a jellyish cobalt blue with glints of shimmer in it.

The formula was a little thick, but workable. The finish is incredibly smooth. I used two coats here. One thing I did find is that even with a base coat, this color made my nails really stained and yellow after using it. That’s not a deal breaker for me since I almost always have something on my nails!

If you like cobalt blue, you will probably love this color! 🙂 I highly recommend following Trust Fund Beauty on Instagram. I LOVE their branding!


Trust Fund Beauty Blue Blooded


Trust Fund Beauty is a new-to-me brand out of Montreal. I am really excited they are out of Montreal, because it is absolutely one of my favorite cities to visit! The brand is quite young, as it has only been around since February of this year. I picked up two shades from a 4th of July promo, including the one featured today: Blue Blooded!


Blue Blooded is a deep slate-blue holographic polish. The formula is thin, but builds very nicely! I reached opacity in three coats. Unfortunately, I think this shade was limited edition, because it is sold out now, and there were only 4 left when I purchased it. That said, I was happy with my initial Trust Fund Beauty first impression and will definitely try more shades!