Hard Candy Beetle

While growing up in the 90s, the only way I had a clue as to what was going on regarding trends was by pouring over Sassy, Seventeen, and YM magazines, and watching MTV. Growing up in the middle of nowhere had major perks, but it was practically impossible to keep up with anything going on due to the very limited shopping and the fact that anything popular got to our neck of the woods about five years too late. That means I never got to experience the wonderful world of Hard Candy nail polish that I drooled over in my glossies.

In the summer, I cleaned the cabins owned by a family friend, and I was good friends with their daughters. After cleaning, we used to paint our nails outside on the porch. I was always jealous that she had better nails, but of course that didn’t make me stop biting. We mostly painted our nails blue, always Wet ‘n’ Wild. Then I would go home and wish I could find Hard Candy. It wasn’t like it is now where anything can be purchased online!

Now that my teen years are long gone (which is FINE BY ME), I am out of the nest and Hard Candy has been resurrected by Walmart of all places, where I absolutely despise going. Still, going there for Hard Candy is worth it, as evidenced by how gorgeous Beetle is! This is supposedly a dupe of Orly Space Cadet, with Beetle being the more affordable one at $4, while Space Cadet is $10.

I love the way the light hits Beetle and BAM! It’s a different color. So pretty! And in my head I am totally thinking, “OMG I am finally wearing Hard Candy! Where are my magazines? I am so cool!”

Now all I need is to stay up late watching 120 Minutes and waiting for my favorite music videos to come on so I can record them on a VHS tape. Ah, the good old days!


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